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QR code stands for Quick Access code. As the name suggests it is simple and is capable of storing not only information but also can lead you to the website or can ask you for feedback or can allow you to download the app. These QR codes are generally present on products, VCard, restaurants, etc from where you can just scan it and can view the information provided. They are actually made using a QR code generator which has various features to make them look attractive so that they can be scanned by their potential consumers.

How to scan a QR code?

Most Smartphone now have built-in QR scanners. So you do not have to download a special app to scan the QR code. Some older device may need a particular app to read QR code, but you can easily find in Google Play. Scanning is not a difficult task at all; you can use the following process to scan QR code

QR code scanner API reads the QR code which includes pixilated patterns including position marking, alignment marking, time patterns, version information, and data keys. A QR code scanner API is required to read them. Developers wishing to create an application that can design, create or read QR codes can use Application Programming Interfaces or API, to get their job done.

First, you need to QR reader which can be in-built, or an app you have downloaded, or a camera on your Smartphone. Point it at the QR code, you should point your camera from any angle and can receive the information embedded in it. The data is instantly flashed on the screen that could be anything like a

  • URL to download any app
  • More information about the product
  • It can take you to the companies website
  • It can connect you to any social media platform of a company
  • Authenticate online account and verify log-in details
  • Send or receive payment information
  • Ask you to fill a review or feedback form for a particular product

Where all these QR codes found?

QR codes can be found on billboards on the roadside, products, VCards, services, Pamphlets, flyers, etc. Most QR codes are seen in day-to-day life in sales and marketing campaigns. Advertisers like to use QR codes in their campaign, as it provides a faster and more intuitive way to direct people to the website, rather than going to the URL and moving on to the website. It can even be linked to the direct product page so that the user can get all the necessary information about the products.

Sometimes you can directly lead to a page that is on the page with a QR code so that you can make a purchase without any delay. So QR code has become a very useful way to directly reach your client and convince them in all possible ways to earn their loyalty. You can easily start with buying a QR code generator which can allow you to first design your QR code and then letting you print your QR code wherever you think is beneficial for your business.