QR code has become more and more popular with time, for businesses as a new strategy to reach out to their consumers more effectively and also at the same time providing call-to-action because of which they are able to increase their clientage. For consumers, it’s popular as they can use it for almost all branded products and services to know about discounts, more information, and use it easily by just scanning it using their smart mobile device.

Any person who knows about it can easily search for ways today for generating a QR code. It’s simple and certainly helpful. There are innumerable free QR codes generators that can help you achieve what you want. Let’s gather some information about the QR code before following the steps to generate it for us.

What is a QR code?

We all are aware of traditional barcodes, compared to the barcode QR code can lead you to more information, and also they look different than a barcode. QR code is generally seen as square-shaped, containing several black and white squares inside the body. It can easily store up to 4296 characters and can give you more information, URLs to website or landing page which may have call-to-action, information about discounts, and many more. QR itself stands for “quick response”, which means that when it is scanned it takes you to detailed information and URLs.

What role QR code plays?

A QR code is generated, and a scanner that is generally the Smartphone and Mobile app like Zopefy is used to scan the information. So these are the two processes that are a generation of QR code and scanning of code. These are two important functions that are performed on QR code.

Generation of the QR code

To make it simple take an instance that a business wants to share more information with their potential consumers like a restaurant wants to place a QR code so that it can be directly linked to an online carryout menu or a fashion designer want it to carry all her drawings when she is appearing for an interview before her hiring manager. These are all cases where more information is provided to people who can add value to what business they are into.

To create a QR code generally, a QR code generate software or online qr code generator API is required. That is nothing but a software app that will help you create your own QR code image. You can find many generators on the web; pick the one that suits you the best. Enter all information you want to be conveyed and press the button. The output you will receive is a QR code image file, you can download and save the file on your machine. You then insert this image onto marketing material, a tradeshow banner, an email, on billboards, and anywhere where you think your consumer can see.

Scanning a QR code

Now, this is the second part. Where the QR code is scanned by the person you intend to receive the information. So they can simply scan the QR code and get the related information from it. Almost all latest phone has this functionality of scanning QR code, whether its iPhone or Android Smartphone however if QR code is encoded then only specific app which is provided by QR software provider can decode it.

How to create the QR code?

Now, this is a big question to how to generate this QR code that everyone wants the solution for? Let’s go through the entire process one step at a time.

1. Plan how to use the QR Code

The first part of creating a QR code is to select the plan about how you will use it. So you need to first set the goal behind, before starting the process. What all information you want to be shared when your QR code will be scanned by the intender. For a lot of cases, it is general for marketing purposes. You can give your user all that information about the campaign you are running and fit it in a small space such as an advertisement. A scan will take the user to the landing page or will prompt the user to take a certain action. There are many ways you can use these QR codes like on VCard, code which can take you to Google maps directly, information or instruction of the product, it can send your consumer to various social media, and much more.

2. Check for a QR code generator

The second step is to find a generator for your QR code. There are many free qr code generator software, online qr code generators and paid qr code software/online API’s also with many features. It depends on you according to your purpose and preference. It is easy to use the QR code generator. You need to put the information into appropriate fields, press a button, and you can get a QR code instantly in the form of an image. You can insert this image in a business card, promotional material, or billboards according to your wish where you think you can get your customer from. If you need to use it for a big campaign then a paid QR code generator is a good option, as you can put specific images or features on paid platforms.

3. Decide whether you need a static or dynamic QR code

Let’s first know what know about what is static or dynamic QR code. A static code is fixed, as the name suggests. The data stored cannot be changed once the QR code is generated. So it can be useful if you want them on your VCard, as there won’t be changed in any information you want to share.

When we talk about dynamic QR codes, the good thing about it that you can redirect the user to a URL. The content is not actually stored in QR code, but instead in the website URL. So you can change the information of the URL where it is taking the consumer. Also, it can provide statistics with QR codes. It will take the user to a web URL such as any landing page with call-to-action. Generally, for marketing purposes, dynamic QR is used.

4. Customize QR code and add related information

This is an important stage. As you will work upon all information you want your user to get after scanning the QR code. Also, you can customize your QR code. QR code generator with design options best serves you for customizing the QR code. Customizing you can go beyond traditional black and white square QR code? You can add a logo, which can increase brand awareness. Also, you can have a color theme attached with the logo appearing in the QR code to create a greater impact.

Test your QR code that it is working in perfect order which is when scanned it's taking the user to the desired destination.

5. Download your QR code

Once the QR code which you have created is saved on the computer, you can save QR images in different file formats using the generator platform. It is recommended to choose the higher quality formats for saving QR codes. If you will using it for web pages then you can use gif, jpeg, jpg, BMP as it preserves color information as well as opacity transparency with high resolution. If you are planning to print it for a print campaign, you need a good quality printer to give crisp and clear prints. This can be achieved by SVG, eps, or pdf vector graphic. Below are few tips for printing the QR codes

  • Check the glossiness of the surface and material on which you need to print. Reflective, rugged, rough surfaces reduce the scanability of the QR code.
  • Any QR code should be a minimum of size 1cm X 1cm, below this it becomes unreadable and will not serve your purpose.
  • Use the vector format to download and print QR code. This format enables you to vary the size of the code according to your needs.

No matter what you choose the QR code should be clear and not blurry. So that for reading it properly from different devices with different reading capabilities. The ultimate objective is to increase visibility.

Do you want to share things on the go? It can be achieved instantly. You can convert any URL into a QR code for the Google Chrome extension. No signups or additional information is needed. These are a feature available with QR code generator that you buy. So take a good look and also go through its different features when you are choosing a QR code generator.

There are innumerable ways in which QR code can be used for marketing and business purpose and it will directly improve your ROI also:

  • VCard or virtual business card
  • Sending QR code instead of text messages
  • Send emails
  • Call businesses
  • Discount and coupon codes
  • Navigation to increase traffic
  • Add events to your calendar
  • Connect to Wifi
  • Following social media like Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • App downloads through QR code

Benefits of using QR codes:

QR code is increasing in its popularity and is one of the best ways to market your products and services in a very convenient way and providing unlimited information and providing them links that are beneficial to you as a business owner. Even customers find it so easy to scan the QR code and get befits.

  • It’s inexpensive, there is so much information you can provide to your customer without any paper. Brochures, instruction, and material about your product or service which otherwise id so difficult.
  • Eco-friendly, it’s a green way of presenting your information in front of your consumers without and waste being produced for the environment
  • A high conversion rate can be observed with the help of a QR code. As it is being made easy for the user to reach the call-to-action through QR code, just by scanning with their mobile device
  • More engaging, as the company directly reaches to the customer and can ask them to use promotion code, or leave feedback, or download an app.
  • More customer satisfaction is there if the product is having a QR code, as you can say that the product is genuine and not fake. And even when the packaging gives limited information they can access all detail through QR code scanning.
  • Easy to track by the marketers, as you can receive data of from which geographic location, how many clicks, are made. So it is measurable and provides you metrics that can be used to learn information like customer behavior patterns. So much information can be used for analysis by the business team.
  • Offer contactless payment using QR code. This is very useful for services like restaurants.
  • Setup page to accept credit card payments also can be very useful for many businesses
  • Users can be added to the email marketing list using a QR code

Using dynamic QR codes comes with far more benefits and features. The main benefit is if you change your strategy you can change it by changing the content of your QR code. Like initially you wanted that people should use QR code to visit your website, but now you want to make them end up on a landing page or maybe an Instagram page. To define your QR code in the most enhanced form so that it's attractive like adding custom frames, shapes, gradients, logo, or anything you can imagine.

More and more people have started using the QR code on their products and places where they can be easily visible to clients like on roadside billboards. It has become one of the best marketing techniques to reach out to your consumers and tell them what all you want to say. If you are really serious and want to bring more innovative ideas into action, they should look into QR codes to keep up with changing times.

These codes are the best way to link up with scanning which is done by your customers and them in return become more loyal and build trust in your brand. And all that matters in marketing are the visibility of your product should increase so that it directly impacts the brand of the company resulting in growth and an increase in ROI of the business.